Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We were lucky enough to take a summer vacation to Venice with the Rowbotham family.  What a blast!  We were especially lucky that Reed spent his mission in Italy and could help us get around.  The Rialto bridge was beautiful at sunset.

Even though we had kids with us on the gondola rides, it was still quite romantic!  However, I couldn't seem to talk our gondolier into singing us a tune...

We couldn't drive to our apartment in the city.  What an adventure to take a water taxi and then walk up and down the bridges with our luggage!

Madison and Ellie's favorite things there were the masks...and chasing pigeons!

An absolutely beautiful and magical city!


Jenna said...


What an amazing trip to Italy! How nice that you had Heather for the entire summer holiday, almost!

That is so great that you had a tour guide. RM's make the best tour guides because they are almost locals!

*Scott, Sarah, Kallee, Rylee, Baylee and Laynee* said...

I loved Venice. What did you guys think? I just returned home from a couple days up at BYU Education Week. It was awesome. Great friends, great classes, great memories...

Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

Hey you beat me to updating our blog. I should just cut and paste!! We miss you guys as well. Heather is having withdrawal symptoms as well. She actually asked for a coke with out ice!!


The Spin-ster said...

You guys are living quite the cosmopolitan and exotic lifestyle. How cute is your family?? (It's rhetorical.)

I have a client in Switzerland right now - I'm fighting like crazy to get a test over there so I can pop by and say hello! :)