Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, I have had a lot of trials and "growing" experiences here in Switzerland, but I can say now I have checked one more off my list that I hope to not try again: a ride in the ambulance. I was running down the stairs to get the phone in the kitchen and when I hit the the bottom tile floor (that was newly mopped) I slipped and landed directly on my tailbone. When I tried to get back up, I couldn't put any pressure on my feet and had shooting pain up my back. I army crawled to the phone and called Kent to tell him I couldn't move. He immediately called the ambulance and told me to stay put. No problem.

When the ambulance workers came, luckily one of them spoke enough english for us to communicate. Also, another big blessing is that my new neighbor, Erin, is close enough now that she was able to come over and take Charlie and pick up the girls from school. The biggest blessing of ALL, is that nothing is broken. I just have a contusion on my tailbone. I will just be on my back for awhile until everything heals. Thanks to my family for all the prayers. I am sure that is why it turned out as good as it did.

Another exciting day in the Swiss Alps. At least I am hoping to heal quickly enough to still make this ski season worth it! And really, so grateful to my kind husband for documenting all these beautiful moments...

Our new house

We moved from St. Margrethen to Gams, Switzerland. The whole move was a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. We are much closer to the girls' school, Kent's work, the gym, and our friends, the Jacksons (who live two houses away)! Our favorite part of the move has been the amazing views out all of our windows. We are up on one side of the mountain looking across to another. It doesn't hurt that it only takes seven minutes to drive to the ski resort, too...

Kent moved all of our house with the help of some friends and missionaries. Turns out that the day they moved in November was the only blizzard we have had yet! What troopers! My mom came back here after our vacation to the states for Christmas and helped us unpack and set up the house. I really am lucky to have one of the hardest working mothers in the world! Thanks, mom, Kent, and all our friends for helping us get settled.