Sunday, October 12, 2008

Top of the Alps

We took a train up to Santis on Saturday, and it was amazing.  We even had our first snowball fight of the season!  It was a perfect day for some pictures from the top of the world.

It was a perfect day for a hike.  Charlie slept through most of it on my back.

Madison danced at the top and...

...sang her favorite songs from the Sound of Music with Angie and Ellie.

We're thinking about using this picture for our Christmas cards.  But we have to delete the two random extra kids.... and the dog..... sorry to you dog lovers out there.

Emily had the birds eating right out of her hands.

Angie told us about her bird phobia shortly AFTER this picture was taken.

Charlie and I couldn't get the birds interested in our PBnJ with bananas sandwich.

Angie... just before she started yodeling... no, really... She yodeled... pretty well actually.

Train rides are always a good time.

happy birthday, Angie!


We are glad you made it back from Italy alive!

We hope 2-5 is a great year for you...

Luzern--Kent's day off and girls in school!

Isn't this great?  You, too, could have your nanny drive you around the lake in Luzern while enjoying the gorgeous view!  Don't worry, we pay Angie well with lots of slobbery baby kisses from Charlie... 

We are so lucky to have Angie here!  The kids make her play "pets" or "Uno" every day.  And on her days off, she has been to Luzern, Munich, Venice, Rome, and Naples.  Next stop, Paris.

He looks more and more like a Cragun everyday.  Isn't it unfortunate that his head is almost as big as mine?  It's to hold all four of his new baby teeth!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Deseret News article

Hello. The Deseret News picked up my venting article about the credit crisis. You can read the article and comment at,5143,700262986,00.html



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kent Wrote the Following Article

I really am flattered that you all thought I could write such interesting and informative words concerning our economy, but alas, all the credit goes to Kent.  And now that YOU read it in that light, YOU all know that it sounds much more like him than me...