Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

The other night, Ellie asked if we could have some "fondue." I told her I would have to check and see if we had all the chocolate and supplies. Then she said, "No, mom. I want fun-do, like watch a movie or play some games. Can we have some?" This is why I love, Ellie. This sums her up to the core. She is full of fun, laughs, and loves. Her favorite phrase is "Guess what, mom? I love you!" She loves to be silly, and is a great friend. She walks up and down the stairs at school saying "Hi, Pia! Hi Charles!" The only problem is then they say, "That's not my name!" But, she doesn't care. She is just a friendly girl! We are so lucky to have her in our family. It would feel so empty and boring without her. And that is why, on this day, we celebrate you, Ellie!

Ellie celebrated her 4th birthday on Saturday. We had a great time, hanging out in Stuttgart with our friends, the Jacksons and the Grovers.

The best part about Stuttgart was hanging out on the military base (Stewart Grover's stationed there), and going bowling with all the friends!

Lake Shore, UT meets Stuttgart!

We made sure to drink lots of root beer and eat Pizza Hut pizza that we can't get in Switzerland.

Ellie loved her "Mama Bluey" from Grandma Kelli.

Always cheered up by her buddy, Danny!

Our princess couldn't go without a crown cake (except it got a little smashed on the way to school). She was pretty sad after school when I picked her up. I asked her why she was so sad and she said she didn't get any of her cake. I thought maybe this was another custom I didn't know about-only the other kids get cake? Then I asked her if they offered her some, and she said yes, but she told them she didn't want any. Hmmmmm, let the games begin about stating one thing and meaning another!

We love you, Ellie! Happy Birthday!

Ski School

Madison and Ellie took some ski lessons at Wildhaus on their day off from school. We are pretty lucky since the resort is only 7 minutes from our house! Madison has been before, but it was Ellie's first time. She did great!

Ellie and her best friend Danny took lessons together. The whole time Ellie begged to go in the "TeePee" that we told her they had for beginner lessons. Her teacher finally said it was time to go in the Teepee and Ellie was thrilled. However, she came out after very disappointed. "Dad, there wasn't even a TV anywhere in there!" She does like her movies....

Madison did great and went down the slalom course several times. She told us after she only wants to go regular skiing now cause she didn't like waiting for the kids who fell down. That probably means skiing with her mom is out now, too!