Thursday, April 2, 2009

Charlie's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! We love having a little boy in our house. I can't believe it has already been a whole year! Charlie has made our family so much more fun and interesting.
Charlie has an infectious smile and laugh. He often stares people down until they look back so he can smile at them. One person recently said, "he seems to wise." It's true. Already he seems very contemplative and curious about his world.
Charlie loves balls, and it is a good thing, because his dad has been waiting for a boy to throw the ball around with before he gets too old to do it! Better hurry, Charlie! Only a few more years left!

Cheers to you, Charlie! We are so lucky to celebrate you on your birthday!

Happy Birthday, Madison!

Happy 6th Birthday, Madison! We are so lucky to have you in our family! It was quite the celebration since your birthday was on Sunday. We got to go to church and the Primary sang to you and your teacher brought a cake. Then we had lunch at the Pail's house and they also gave you presents, sang and had a cake. Then we had cake and sang and presents at home that night! THEN, the next day after school, every kid from your kindergarten came to celebrate your birthday with you! That was a lot of kids to have for a party...

We ate a delicious butterfly cake, created by your dad (the best cake maker, ever!). We played pin the butterfly on the flower, and since the first kid got his sticker right in the middle, every other kid got it right, too! We also played, freeze dance, musical spots, unwrap the package, and best of all, break the pinata! All the kids had a great time.

Madison, you are a smart, beautiful, talented girl. Sometimes I think you are much older than your years. You are friends with everyone, and not afraid of anything. My favorite memory of you this year is when you got up in front of the entire school (K-12) for the talent show and played the piano and sang Mama Mia. You were a true Rock Star! Thanks for being the best, most helpful, oldest sister. You are a great example for your siblings, and often, for your parents, too. We love you!

Laura's Visit

My friend, Laura, came to visit us with her daughter, Jessi. We had such a great time! We went on a trip to Milan (although, I forgot my camera). Then we also tried to show her the view from the Saentis! Apparently when the snow hits, being at the top of the peak feels like sticking your head in the ice box, eh? Not quite the beautiful view we were hoping for...
After Laura and Jessi went to Paris, we took a day trip to Neuschwanstein castle. This time, Madison, Charlie, and I saw the other castle, Hohenschwangau. Not as ornate by a clear mile, but still cool, nontheless.

We also went up to Appenzell for some great Swiss shopping-knives and cheese! Thanks for visiting, Laura! It was so much fun!