Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hiking through the Alps


We were lucky to host the Rowbotham family here before they took Heather back with them to the states.  On one of our days with them we hiked through the alps, singing songs from the Sound of Music on the way.  I was very proud of Madison.  She ran with "the big kids," Heather, Yan, and Kyle.  We ate at an awesome little restaurant on the side of the mountain.  All of the views were quite surreal.  We had a great day, and were pretty worn out when all was said and done...


Cathy & Steve said...

Hi Emily,
I happened upon your blog, and knew immediately that you were also LDS! The modest dress, shining countenances, close family, were all indications.
How fun for you to be in Austria, and what wonderful memories your children will have.
I am a 52 yr. old wee granny from Missouri, and an active member of the Farmington Ward, Cape Girardeau, MO, Stake. If you care to, you can see my blog at www.marlerfamily.blogspot.com.
I am married, have 3 wonderful children, and 3 even more wonderful grandchildren.
From Missouri, All is Swell!

Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

I am still not sure my legs have recovered!! What a wonderful day.

Annette said...

Okay I am definitely putting that adventure on my list of things to do WHEN Scott and I make it over there. We have got to come and visit all of these amazing places that are in your backyard.