Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ravenna, Italy

One of our stops while visiting Venice was the small town of Ravenna.  What a fascinating place!  There were several churchs and museums still standing that were filled with mosaics from the 6th century.  Check out the amazing detail and symbolism in what we know to be restored truths...

The only bad part of our trip was saying goodbye to our Heather!  We miss her so much already!  At least we have a ton of memories and pictures to remember her with.  She is the most incredibly helpful, responsible, kind, fun and beautiful girl.  I am so happy my girls have a nanny, and friend, like her to look up to and admire.  We love you, Heather!


Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

:) I cried.

I want to be with you guys soooooooo bad. Give the girls hugs for me!!!!!! I miss them sooo much!!

I love you too!!!!

ps. by the way... congrats on updating!!! ;) I knew you could do it!!!!!!

Muriel and Jerry said...

Oh My gosh Kent Cook! Your family is gorgeous. I had wondered several times about you over the years. Glad to see you have such a lovely family. I have a blog form when we adopted our daughter from Kazakhstan
I just gave birth to a little boy 2 weeks ago and am enjoying being a wife, mother and trial attorney. I am so glad you have a blog I can follow.

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