Sunday, October 25, 2009

India 2009

Here are a few pictures from India...

The Taj Mahal... an amazing structure of stone that took 22 years to build. You can Wiki the details, but it is an incredible building.

Traffic in India is unlike anything I have ever seen. No rules, no holds barred... just push ahead through the cars, trucks, tractors, cows (sacred... don't hit them), dogs, children, wagons, bikes, and several other forms of transportation. Lights and signs are optional.

This tractor lost his battle with the bigger truck.

This is in Old Delhi. Street vendors everywhere selling everything imaginable. Only go here if you like really crazy crowded places.

This is me just outside the chaos of Old Delhi.

I found an LDS church in Delhi and went to Sacrament Meeting there. Fantastic experience and a highlight of the trip. My taxi driver joined me for the services and was touched by the spirit of the people there. (So was I... great group.) Met a missionary there from Rexburg... his companion is from Nepal. The work continues to roll forth.