Sunday, October 12, 2008

Top of the Alps

We took a train up to Santis on Saturday, and it was amazing.  We even had our first snowball fight of the season!  It was a perfect day for some pictures from the top of the world.

It was a perfect day for a hike.  Charlie slept through most of it on my back.

Madison danced at the top and...

...sang her favorite songs from the Sound of Music with Angie and Ellie.

We're thinking about using this picture for our Christmas cards.  But we have to delete the two random extra kids.... and the dog..... sorry to you dog lovers out there.

Emily had the birds eating right out of her hands.

Angie told us about her bird phobia shortly AFTER this picture was taken.

Charlie and I couldn't get the birds interested in our PBnJ with bananas sandwich.

Angie... just before she started yodeling... no, really... She yodeled... pretty well actually.

Train rides are always a good time.


Laura Call said...
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Laura Call said...

How amazing! Are these even real pictures or just a back drop? looks too perfect to be real. What a fun trip and a gorgeous day! It's so great seeing you Emily, at least through your blog. Your family is so darn cute! I see so much of your mom in Ellie, which I think is so sweet that she has some of Grandma in her, too.

jessi said...

Looks likes such a fun place that we have not visited yet. I think it is funny that they have two head cutouts of children (and not more) - as we know that all European families typically have only two children. That would be a really fun/funny Christmas card!

JP said...

What a fun trip! I love how the birds were eating out of your hands! I thought it was one of those glass walls with the birds on them until I saw the one with Angie. Hope you're having fun in Disneyland, let's get together soon.

fünf said...

Hey lady with a life parallel to mine... How's it going? Looks like those kiddos are doing great. I still laugh about Mia not knowing that we switched babies on her. BTW, thinking about getting prego in about 6 months... are you on board?