Sunday, October 12, 2008

Luzern--Kent's day off and girls in school!

Isn't this great?  You, too, could have your nanny drive you around the lake in Luzern while enjoying the gorgeous view!  Don't worry, we pay Angie well with lots of slobbery baby kisses from Charlie... 

We are so lucky to have Angie here!  The kids make her play "pets" or "Uno" every day.  And on her days off, she has been to Luzern, Munich, Venice, Rome, and Naples.  Next stop, Paris.

He looks more and more like a Cragun everyday.  Isn't it unfortunate that his head is almost as big as mine?  It's to hold all four of his new baby teeth!


Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

I'm so glad you updated!! I've been dying to see Charlie! He looks soo cute. It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun.

Miss you so much!!

Angie-isn't Switzerland the most beautiful place you have ever been?!

Hunter Family Blog said...

Love love love this picture!!!!! How are you guys doing? We have welcomed our little princess into the world 2 weeks ago. I am planning on updating my blog with info and pictures this week! We sure do miss you! Lots of love
The Hunters

The Johnsons said...

They all look like Craguns...Madison like Josh, Jacob, and Jess...and Ellie and Charlie like you,Chad, and Sean! So, so cute!

Celeste said...

I can't believe how big he has become...he is a doll. Love and miss you guys!