Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Concert

Emily and I started playing music with some friends a few months ago. One thing lead to another, and we found ourselves performing at a big event in Switzerland. It was a BLAST!!! We wouldn't make it past round one of American Idol, but it was a great time. If you can overlook the out-of-tune singing and basic guitar skills, these videos are pretty fun. These were shot with our home video camera, but there are some high-quality videos on Facebook. Emily also has her picture in the newspaper today with a description of the evening in German. She got good reviews! Enjoy.



Michael said...

Kent, you sounded really good. Sometime I have to hear how you ended up in Europe.


Rosalyn said...

That is awesome.

KENNARDS said...

you crazy kids!!! you rock! and it helps that you're so hot em! love it!

Happy Mom said...

I got on facebook and watched the videos. You guys are smokin!

JP said...

Wow, wish we could have gone - look at you performing with such a big crowd! You guys are such a fun couple. I'm glad you got good reviews in the Swiss paper - ha!