Thursday, May 15, 2008

Conneyland in Switzerland


Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

Ellie is just absolutely adorable!!! Her smiles make me want to pick her up and give her the biggest hug EVER!! I cried watching this I'm so excited!!!! It really looks like you guys are having fun.

less than 2 weeks!

Condiff Crew said...

How fun! It puts Lagoon to shame :) (haha) Looks like you're making the best of your "adventure". The girls are getting big and can I tell that all I hear from Heather or anyone that knows Heather is how excited to come?!?! So get ready... lots of crying ahead :)

Caisa said...

EMILY--I just wanted to say HI! So fun to see the pics of your cute family... hopefully i will get to see you in hawaii this summer???? -Caisa

Hunter Family Blog said...

I do not understand how to blog! I am so behind! Your family is adorable as usual! We are adding a princess to our family!! YEAH!!!!! Have fun with Feather! We will miss her, but know she will be in good hands and she is so super excited to see you guys! We love you!
The Hunters