Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

We had a Mexican Fiesta for Ellie's third birthday. A lot of our American expat friends were able to come and share some yummy Mexican food!

Ellie really wanted a pinata for her birthday, but they don't sell them here in Switzerland! So, in my NEW domestic style, I made her a Mickey Mouse pinata (brought back grade school memories!). Unfortunately, some of the younger kids couldn't understand why we were asking them to beat up Mickey Mouse. Pretty traumatic!

Ellie's favorite gift came from her "favorite brother," Danny. I think she calls him her brother so she can get away with kissing on him!

All in all, the party was a great "hit."


*Scott, Sarah, Kallee, Rylee, Baylee and Laynee* said...

Fun to see new pictures. I am impressed with the pinata. Now, if you tell me you made the Mexican food as well I'll be blown away. You have grown a lot since our burnt brownie days. See you in June!

Switzerland Holds the Key to My Heart! said...

OOOH NOOO!! Ellie is kissing already?!?!?! ;) hahahaha Happy Birthday cutie!!

Nice job with the pinata!!! That's great that she still got her wish. I would've loved to see the look on the kids' faces when she was "beating up" Mickey! :)

90 days!!!!

Tia said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! We hope it was great:)

Tate Family said...

FINALLY in touch with you again...How are you? Prego with a boy!!! YEAH!
Let's do better at keeping in touch!

Tate Family said...

BTW, I'm setting my blog to private. If you'd like to be added email me: