Sunday, December 16, 2007

Skiing in the Swiss Alps

We spent our first official day skiing in the Swiss Alps for Kent's birthday. Kent and Madison hit the slopes while Emily and Ellie played in the snow.

Madison was pretty excited about the helmet and goggles.

The view from the top was amazing!!!

Nothing like a hot chocolate break at mid-day.

The tram ride up was fantastic.

The resort is called "Flims" if you want to Google it, and it takes a little over an hour to drive there from our house.


STL Crew said...

You are having way too much fun over there! It's beautiful! Happy birthday, Kent!!:)

Beth and JC Davis said...

Emily!!! Don't ask me how I found your blog- somehow I just did and was really excited about it. This is your old roommate, Beth McAlpin/Davis. I love running into people's blogs who I haven't seen in years- it's so much fun! Your family is soooo cute, and I can't tell you how jealous I am that you live in Switerland- I do love the skiing over there!!!